Unlocking Mastery in Elden Ring: A Comprehensive Guide to Samurai and Bandit Dexterity Builds (2023)

In the relentless world of Elden Ring, mastering the art of melee combat is key to survival. For those who favor finesse over brute strength, the Samurai and Bandit classes offer a thrilling path to dominance. In this guide, we unveil the strategies and gear necessary to transform your character into a formidable Dexterity warrior capable of obliterating foes with precision.

The Dexterity Advantage

Whether you don the mantle of a Samurai or embrace the cunning ways of a Bandit, your strength lies in the ability to unleash devastating critical hits and execute rapid melee flurries. Unlike their Strength-focused counterparts, Dexterity classes excel at fluidly maneuvering through an enemy's attacks, delivering unparalleled damage. Most Dexterity weapons boast high critical hit multipliers, intensifying the impact of ripostes and backstabs.

Leveling Up: The Path to Power

Prioritize leveling up Dexterity to enhance your damage output and gain additional benefits such as reduced fall damage and improved casting speed for magical attacks. Aim for around 60 Dexterity to maximize your potential. Supplement your build with increased Vigor for more health and Endurance for heightened stamina, enabling you to maintain relentless pressure on foes.

Essential Gear for Dexterity Dominance

Unlike other classes with specific early-game items, Dexterity-focused Samurai and Bandit builds require a keen eye for weaponry. Acquiring the Twinblade early on, found in the Dragon-Burnt Ruins east of The First Step Site of Grace, is paramount. Upgrade it using Smithing Stones, obtainable in locations like the accessible Limgrave Tunnels dungeon.

Mastering Dexterity Combat

Armed with a finely tuned Dexterity build and an upgraded Twinblade, venture into Elden Ring's open world equipped with essential combat knowledge.

Understanding Poise

As a Dexterity character, grasp the importance of Poise. While Dexterity builds typically exhibit lower Poise, recognize situations where enemies possess more. Adapt your strategy accordingly, dodging attacks from larger foes and retaliating strategically.

The Art of Parrying

Mastery of the parry is a game-changer for Dexterity warriors. Utilize a shield with a Parry Ash of War, activating it with precision timing to deflect incoming blows. This sets the stage for critical ripostes, capitalizing on the high crit multipliers of Dexterity weapons.

Dealing with Bleed

Many Dexterity weapons induce the Bleed status effect. Exploit this by building up the Bleed meter through relentless attacks. Be mindful that Bleed diminishes over time, necessitating a relentless assault to achieve success.

Power Stance for Maximum Impact

For optimal damage output, consider Power Stancing similar weapons in each hand, automatically engaging when equipped. This allows simultaneous attacks with both weapons, ideal for the rapid flurries inherent in Dexterity combat.

Best Dexterity Weapons and Equipment

As you traverse the Lands Between, keep an eye out for superior weapons and gear to complement your Dexterity build. The following items are recommended for early-game and beyond:

  • Nagakiba (Katana): Dropped by the Bloody Finger Hunter Yura NPC north of Murkwater Cave in Limgrave. Boasts excellent range and strong Bleed buildup.
  • Hookclaws (Claws): Located in Stormveil Castle, in the wine cellar. A deadly pair of claws inflicting rapid Bleed damage.
  • Nightrider Flail (Flail): Obtained from the Night's Cavalry miniboss in the Weeping Peninsula region. Slower but powerful, inducing significant Bleed.
  • Rapier (Thrusting Sword): Purchased from the Twin Maiden Husks at Roundtable Hold. A quality thrusting sword with low stat requirements.
  • Buckler (Parrying Shield): Sold by Gatekeeper Gostoc near Stormveil Castle. The best shield for parrying, featuring an extended parry window.

Elden Ring beckons you to embrace the art of Dexterity combat. With this guide, you possess the knowledge and gear to dominate foes and leave your mark on the perilous landscape. Step into the fray, warrior, and let your Dexterity shine.

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