Top 5 Elden Ring Samurai Builds for Ultimate Dominance in 2023 (2023)


Looking to dominate Elden Ring as a formidable samurai? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we unveil the top 5 samurai builds that will not only give you the edge in PvP but also make you a force to be reckoned with in PvE. From katana choices to armor sets and talisman selections, we've meticulously crafted these builds to ensure you excel at every stage of the game.

1. Keen Nagakiba Samurai Build

Weapon: Keen Nagakiba+25
Armor: Iron Kasa, Nox Swordstress Armor, White Reed Gauntlets, Ronin's Greaves
Talismans: Bull-Goat's Talisman, Great-Jar's Arsenal, Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman, Shard of Alexander
Stats (Level 150): Vigor 50, Mind 25, Endurance 38, Strength 18, Dexterity 80, Intelligence 16, Faith 7, Arcane 9

The Keen Nagakiba Samurai Build prioritizes the exceptional reach of Nagakiba, allowing for devastating R2 and R1 attacks. With carefully chosen armor and talismans, this build maximizes damage output, resilience, and strategic play. Master the art of interruption and reactive combat for an unrivaled samurai experience.

2. Bleed Nagakiba Samurai Build

Weapons: River's of Blood or Blood Nagakiba+25
Armor: White Mask, White Reed Armor, White Reed Gauntlets, White Reed Greaves
Talismans: Shard of Alexander, Ritual Sword Talisman, Rotten Winged Sword Insignia, Lord of Blood's Exultation
Stats (Level 200): Vigor 60, Mind 10, Endurance 50, Strength 41, Dexterity 70, Intelligence 10, Faith 10, Arcane 80

Embrace the arcane with the Bleed Nagakiba Samurai Build. Exploit the power of bleed with River's of Blood or the Blood Nagakiba, coupled with a carefully curated armor set for a visually striking and deadly samurai appearance. Unleash potent talismans to enhance your bleed capabilities and magical prowess.

3. Intelligent Moonveil Samurai Build

Weapon: Moonveil+10 with Transient Moonlight
Armor: Ronin's Set
Talismans: Green Turtle Talisman, Carian Filigreed Crest, Shard of Alexander, Magic Scorpion Charm
Stats (Level 200): Vigor 51, Mind 30, Endurance 50, Strength 40, Dexterity 70, Intelligence 70, Faith 10, Arcane 10

Enter the realm of magic with the Intelligent Moonveil Samurai Build. Embrace the Ronin's Set for a visually captivating samurai aesthetic. Utilize powerful talismans to enhance your magical and physical attacks, making this build a versatile and potent force on the battlefield.

4. Uchigatana Samurai Build

Weapons: Quality Uchigatana+25 with Stormcaller Ash of War, Albinauric Bow+25 with Mighty Shot
Armor: Land of Reeds Armor Set
Talismans: Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman, Claw Talisman, Bull Goat's Talisman, Rotten Winged Sword Insignia
Stats (Level 20): Vigor 65, Mind 10, Endurance 65, Strength 80, Dexterity 80, Intelligence 10, Faith 10, Arcane 11

For a classic samurai experience, the Uchigatana Samurai Build is unparalleled. Boasting a balance of physical prowess and archery skills, this build is ideal for players seeking a straightforward, no-nonsense approach to combat. The Land of Reeds Armor Set adds the perfect touch to your samurai aesthetic.

5. River’s Blood Samurai Build

Weapons: Occult Uchigatana + Great Knife (Early Game), River's of Blood (Late Game)
Armor: White Mask, Hoslow's Armor, Hoslow's Gauntlets, Hoslow's Greaves
Talismans: Rotten Winged Sword Insignia, Millicent's Prosthesis, Shard of Alexander, Lord of Blood's Exultation
Stats (Level 125): Vigor 50, Mind 30, Endurance 25, Strength 20, Dexterity 70, Intelligence 9, Faith 70, Arcane 70

Explore the controversial yet powerful River's Blood Samurai Build. Whether it's the early-game occult Uchigatana or the late-game might of River's of Blood, this build ensures you leave a trail of devastation. Meticulously selected talismans enhance your blood-based attacks, making this build a formidable choice for both PvE and PvP.


Elevate your Elden Ring experience with these meticulously crafted samurai builds. Whether you seek the raw power of the Uchigatana or the arcane mastery of the Moonveil, these builds cater to different playstyles, ensuring you dominate the game with style and efficiency. Sharpen your katana and embark on a journey of unrivaled samurai supremacy!

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