The Ultimate Samurai Build Guide for Elden Ring (2023)

In the wake of Elden Ring's meteoric rise, newcomers to the franchise now find themselves in an opportune moment to delve into this captivating world. With a plethora of seasoned players offering guidance, diving into multiple NG+ runs, this is an ideal juncture for newcomers to embrace the game's complexities.

Choosing the Samurai Class

For newcomers navigating the diverse class choices, the Samurai stands out as a compelling starting point. Boasting the formidable Uchigatana, a weapon capable of sustaining through end-game content, this class offers a blend of versatility and strength.

Stat Allocation Strategy

Understanding the Samurai's starting stats is pivotal for a smoother progression. A strategic focus on Dexterity, complemented by Vigor for balanced damage output and sustained health, sets a solid foundation. Subsequent emphasis on Endurance and Mind enhances combat agility and skill utility, respectively.

Weapon Selection and Scaling

Optimal weapon choices significantly shape the Samurai's prowess. Katanas, particularly those scaling with Dexterity, like the Bloodhound’s Fang or the Hand of Malenia, align seamlessly with this class. Each weapon offers unique advantages, catering to different playstyles and stages of the game.

Armor Sets for Adaptability

In Elden Ring, armor primarily serves defensive purposes. Optimal choices for the Samurai, such as the Land of Reeds or the Ronin Armor, offer both aesthetics and functionality, ensuring survivability without compromising agility.

Talismans to Enhance Abilities

Strategic utilization of talismans amplifies the Samurai's capabilities. Talismans like Carian Filigreed Crest or Erdtree’s Favor empower specific playstyles, providing either skill cost reduction or stat boosts, augmenting the character's effectiveness.

Crafting Playstyle for Success

Executing a successful Samurai playstyle pivots on weapon mastery and adaptability. Balancing a moderate equip load facilitates agile dodging crucial for close combat engagements. Leveraging Dexterity-based weapons optimizes offensive capabilities while strategic shield usage or parrying adds versatility in combat.

Embracing Versatility

The Samurai class, rooted in Dexterity, permits a multifaceted approach. Players can seamlessly transition between melee, stealth, or ranged combat, capitalizing on Elden Ring's diverse weapon and stat mechanics.


Embracing the Samurai class in Elden Ring offers a compelling entry point for newcomers. Through meticulous stat allocation, strategic weapon choices, and adaptable playstyles, players can carve their unique journey, mastering the art of the Samurai in the expansive realms of Elden Ring.

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