A Comprehensive Guide to Inserting Roman and Arabic Numbers in Word 2019 (2023)

In the realm of document management, the proficiency with tools like Microsoft Word 2019 is essential for creating professional documents. Among the myriad functionalities it offers, the ability to insert page numbers in Roman or Arabic numerals stands out. This guide will walk you through the process with clear steps and video tutorials.

Inserting Roman Numbers in Word 2019

Step 1: Navigate to the Insert Menu

Access the 'Insert' menu and click on 'Header and Footer.' Select 'Page Number' and choose 'Page Number Format.'

Step 2: Select Roman Numerals

In the 'Page Number Format' field, opt for the Roman numeral scheme. Additionally, define the starting point for numbering under 'Start at.'

Step 3: Positioning the Roman Numeral

After accepting the changes, go to 'Page Number' and specify the location for the Roman numeral.

Step 4: Verification

To ensure continuous numbering, use Ctrl + Enter. This simple process seamlessly integrates Roman numerals into your Word 2019 document.

Inserting Arabic Numbers in Word 2019

Step 1: Default Arabic Numbers

For standard Arabic numbers (1, 2, 3, ...), go to the 'Insert' menu, navigate to 'Header and Footer,' and choose 'Page Number/Top of Page.'

Step 2: Confirming the Arabic Number

Upon selecting the position, the Arabic numeral will be automatically applied. As you add more pages, the numbers will increment accordingly.

Step 3: Advanced Arabic Numbering

For more control, access 'Header and Footer,' choose 'Page Number Format,' and select Arabic numbers. Define the starting point and save the changes.

Combining Roman and Arabic Numbers in Word 2019

To create a comprehensive document, merging both Roman and Arabic numerals can be effective. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Enhanced View

Switch to 'View' and select 'Multiple Pages' for better navigation.

Step 2: Footer Insertion

Insert numbering in the footer by going to 'Insert' and clicking on 'Footer.' Choose the desired layout.

Step 3: Section Configuration

Use 'Layout' in the 'Design' tab to insert a page break after the first page, separating it from the subsequent ones.

Step 4: Customizing Roman Numerals

In the footer of the second page, set the numbering format to Roman numerals, starting from 'I.'

Step 5: Transition to Arabic Numbers

For the pages following the fourth page, use the same process, switching the format to Arabic numbers starting from '4.'

This combination of Roman and Arabic numerals not only adds a unique touch to your Word 2019 document but also ensures a structured and visually appealing presentation.


Mastering the art of inserting Roman and Arabic numbers in Word 2019 provides you with a valuable skill for creating professional and aesthetically pleasing documents. Follow these detailed steps to effortlessly customize your document's numbering scheme according to your preferences. Whether you need Roman elegance or Arabic simplicity, Word 2019 offers the flexibility to meet your document formatting needs.

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